A Countryside Kitchen Outside Berlin

For those of you in the Instagram world, you may have heard of an account called ‘Our Food Stories’, set up by Laura and Nora, a fashion designer turned stylist and a photographer. They are inspired by nature, they cook gluten-free, vegetarian and often vegan food which they share on their blog and on Instagram. It sounds like the usual story, but these two are in a different league to most food blogs because of their style and passion for their subjects. They have managed to create the vision of a perfect, healthy and beautiful life through their words and images and now have over a million followers on Instagram. Their unpretentious and gentle approach to life, photography, the world of food intolerances and showing a slower, softer way to live has resonated with so many people. Completely on trend without even trying, this couple are living a wonderful life, a life they have forged through a desire to be happy, healthy and creative and they share it with the world through their beautiful images.

We were really honoured that Laura and Nora chose to have a deVOL Kitchen in their countryside home outside Berlin. It was a huge compliment that two people with such passion and keenness to live a humble but fulfilling and beautiful life chose our furniture. Their interpretation of our cupboards was a joy for us to see, the styling, the choice of vintage pieces and the way they have kept the original parts of their home has created a kitchen that is perfect in our eyes and says everything we want to say about our cupboards.

We have never before featured images on our website taken by anyone but us, but Laura and Nora took these images and very kindly allowed us to use them. They are beautiful, we love them and we love this kitchen.

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