The Heirloom Collection at Cotes Mill

Total Cupboard Costs: £43,010

We have always wanted our furniture to be authentic, to feel less like a kitchen and more a reflection of the rest of your house and a place that feels wholeheartedly home, and wholeheartedly appropriate. The Heirloom Collection is based upon this philosophy, it has been created after many years of visiting inspirational places, of passion for craftsmanship and a desire to create a unique collection of interiors reminiscent of when things were ‘made to last a lifetime' and nothing was throwaway.

Here at deVOL, we have gradually begun to piece together a selection of things which we feel fit into this new ‘Heirloom Collection’, they are things we have seen in historic buildings, or things we remember from our childhood, or possibly a treasure we have picked up from an antique fair and wished people still made. The range already includes some quite diverse products, but as is the way with a classic design, each one just feels right and fits perfectly wherever it is placed, it doesn’t require a partner or a complementary colour scheme, it is beyond fashion. That’s the thing about great products, they are so well designed and so gloriously simple you don’t even realise how good they are, or worse still, you don’t value them until they are gone.

Less choice can be annoying when doing up your home or kitchen, when you simply can’t find what you really had in your head, however many hundreds of choices are out there for you to peruse. Wouldn’t it be lovely to have less choice, less decisions, less time spent sourcing perfection, imagine if you could go to a place where everything is chosen for you and you will never feel you made a bad purchase. We hope this Heirloom Collection will be the answer to all your prayers and all your interior quandaries.