The Bloomsbury Kitchen

We love big old London townhouses, especially Georgian ones like this home; with its wide painted front doors, really high ceilings, old fireplaces, original floors and beautifully delicate original sash window with highwayman shutters. This Shaker kitchen instantly became one of our all-time favourites.

From the 'Flint' colour on the cupboards and walls to the honed marble worktops and open shelves, this kitchen was a delight and it was one of the first designs to come out of our Clerkenwell showroom on Tysoe Street. Its soft ambient light and soothing calm interior just makes you feel really tranquil and happy. The room had a feeling of complete authenticity, nothing in the room jarred, there was just an overall feeling of getting it ‘spot on’, a great choice of colours, cupboards and fittings.

This deVOL Kitchen has been featured in magazines and social media right across the world and is hailed as the epitome of the classic English kitchen. It has taken deVOL to an even bigger market and made so many more people see the endless possibilities of our beautiful Shaker furniture; its modular cupboards are much more comparable to a bespoke kitchen. This Bloomsbury Kitchen features mostly standard Shaker cupboards with a couple of bespoke items for the awkward corners; it was fitted by deVOL's own installation team. Our designer Emily, the lovely customers and the carpenters at deVOL in Leicestershire, have, between them, created a really memorable kitchen.

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