deVOL Kitchens and Interiors

Contributor: Sophie Jackson

Sophie joined deVOL in September 2015 where she spent the first 3 months assisting in the accounts team. She then began her new role as Showroom Receptionist where she enjoys managing the showroom floor. Sophie’s previous experience managing an artisan chocolatier coffee house and working in events management, along with her attention to detail, creative flair and passion for customer service makes her very well suited to this role. Sophie has always had a keen interest in fitness and nutrition and fulfils this through running, yoga and crossfit. Her love of spending time in the kitchen cooking and baking also feeds her creativity, and she loves to share her creations with family and friends. Sophie loves experiencing and discovering new places - kayaking with orcas in the San Juan islands and travelling around Canada, swimming in Iceland’s blue lagoons, skiing in Italy, kite surfing in Mexico and venturing out to Australia when she was 20. Sophie’s keen eye for unique and interesting places is what attracted her to deVOL and she’s enjoying embracing her new role.

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