The Millhouse Scullery

Total Cupboard Costs: £15,860

The Scullery is one of the three rooms that make up the downstairs of the Millhouse showrooms at Cotes Mill, it’s a very simply furnished room and of all the spots to see this Classic English range, it’s the most humble. You see the piece of furniture, solid hardwood, handmade and hand-painted, it’s not a modular kitchen cupboard that needs another one next to it, it’s a whole cupboard all-encompassing.

A terracotta tiled floor, cool underfoot, a sink cabinet with marble sink and a large full height pantry which includes storage and refrigeration. We have added an old metal chemistry cupboard from our vintage purchases and hung a deVOL Laundry Maid under the window and that’s it, the view of the millpond sort of makes anything more unnecessary. The scullery is a room to do laundry, wash the dirty bits that you don’t want to bring into the main house, so it has to be functional and able to withstand some tough use. That’s why using really good quality, natural, strong materials is the right choice.

There is something wonderfully calm about this room, it’s practical and solid and feels very Mediterranean, you can just imagine being in an old Italian villa or Spanish farmhouse. It’s a Classic English sink cabinet but it’s more than that, it’s a piece of handmade furniture that will last longer than we will. We have given it a highly polished wooden worktop and simple Mayan brass taps, this tempers the luxury of the sink and they feel like they were meant to be together.

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