An Overseas Guide by deVOL – Part Two

6th July 2018

By Holly Bishop

You may have seen my previous post about sending deVOL Kitchens overseas, click here to have a look! It’s definitely worth a read if you’re based outside of the UK and would like to know how we go about designing and sending your dream kitchen to your door even if you live 1000 miles away from us.

This blog is about all of the other things we make and sell here at deVOL that can be sent to places around the world. We get lots of questions about this and so I just thought it could be quite useful to have it all in one neat little place for you to come back to whenever you like.

It is worth noting here that because conversion rates are always changing, we charge everybody in Pound Sterling no matter where they’re based. This means the cost is always the same for each customer. There is also a small international transaction fee that the customer is charged which is usually 3% of the transaction. The delivery prices mentioned below are guidelines to give you an idea but please do drop us an email to and we’d be more than happy to provide you with exact costs.

Classic Millhouse

Our Classic English Millhouse at Cotes Mill.


First up, hardware! Our handcrafted knobs and handles can be sent anywhere in the world. You may be aware of Steph, deVOL’s metalware production manager and designer, and her wonderful skill. She was the first person in our metal team but it is slowly expanding! We have a small and very talented team making knobs, handles, brackets, rails, the list goes on.

Our handcrafted hardware collection is sand casted. Sand casting allows us to create slightly different knobs and handles every time, the look of the hardware is different depending on how many little grains of sand you sprinkle inside the moulds. We love being able to offer our customers one-of-a-kind products, it makes sense that all the little extras should be just as special as the kitchens we make.


The aged brass Classic cup handles, handmade by our wonderful metal team.

Hanging Rails

One of the latest extras to come out of the metal workshop at Cotes Mill is our aged brass hanging rail, the perfect accessory in any home. They  are so beautiful and so practical – we’ve seen them as a rail for pots, tea towels, mugs and jugs, and we’ve even used one for a few hanging plants in the Millhouse. They’re available in aged brass, aged by hand by Steph to get a really lovely mottled patina. They are then sealed with a thin coat of wax to protect the finish.


Our aged brass hanging rails in the St. John’s Townhouse Kitchen.

Classic Shelf Bracket

These beautiful shelf brackets are sand cast and aged in-house to achieve a weathered look. Available in an aged brass or black brass finish, these brackets add a touch of vintage glam to any room and are perfect if you’re hoping to update a shelf without changing the whole thing. We really love how they look in our scullery in the Millhouse, supporting a cool slab of Carrara marble.

Our Aged Brass Shelf Brackets looking lovely in the Millhouse Scullery

Our aged brass Classic Shelf Brackets looking lovely in the Millhouse Scullery.

Aged Brass Taps

We have always recommended Perrin and Rowe taps to our customers, they’re beautiful in design and totally reliable and of the best quality. We decided to partner up with the iconic brand to bring you four of their styles in a beautiful aged brass finish that is exclusive to deVOL. It’s wonderful to see how popular these taps are and we love seeing them in our customers’ homes.


This is our Ionian tap, made in collaboration with Perrin and Rowe.

All four styles of our aged brass taps can be sent anywhere in Europe.


The Mayan taps in our exclusive aged brass finish, made in collaboration with Perrin and Rowe.

You may have seen on our social media platforms that we can now send three styles of our aged brass taps to anywhere in the US!

Ceramic Crackle Pendant Lights

You may have seen our Crackle Pendant Lights hanging in our showrooms, either in person or on social media. Our amazing ceramicist, Claire, makes them and each one is beautifully unique and wobbly and crackled, a truly special piece to have in your home. They have been so popular since we launched them that we just had to offer them internationally!

Pendant Light

One of our lovely Crackle Pendants.

Millhouse -DSC_9291-HDR

One of our Crackle Pendants hanging happily in our Shaker Millhouse Kitchen at Cotes Mill.

Kat’s Porcelain Pendant Lights

Kat, another member of our wonderful ceramics team at deVOL, has been working on a collection of lovely porcelain pendants for a while and we’re so pleased to be able to offer the final collection to our customers based around the world. Each pendant is delicate and elegant and just the perfect accessory in any room.

haberdashers kitchen

Some of Kat’s Porcelain Pendants on display in our Haberdasher’s Kitchen.

Wooden Accessories

Some pieces from our wooden accessories collection are too fragile to send overseas but we do have a few that can be delivered around the world. Our wooden home accessories are handmade to order in our workshops in Leicestershire using the highest quality materials and the best craftsmanship.

deVOL_Kew_Shaker_LoRes 6

One of our Laundry Maids in the iconic Kew Kitchen.

Millhouse -DSC_9491

Our rustic oak Classic Chopping Boards.


We love being able to offer our customers a range of handmade accessories, from the bits we mentioned above to bigger pieces like stools and chairs. Our Bum Stools came first, formed by sitting in wet slabs of clay and creating a super comfortable seat. Next came the Bum Chair, the same principle but with a supportive backrest. Our Bum range is so popular with our customers and was even awarded the prestigious Design Guild Mark in 2017 for excellence in British Design!!

Cheshire Townhouse

Designed for bums, by bums.

We recently went back to the idea of designing a stool and have now launched Helen’s Stool: a small, subtle, timeless design that looks wonderful just about anywhere. We’ve even seen it being used as a bedside table and it looked fabulous.


Helen’s Stool is small and subtle and beautifully classic in design

The Millhouse Refectory Table

The Millhouse Refectory Table is a new addition to our accessories collection and really is the perfect dining room table. It was inspired by beautiful old vintage tables that we and so many of our customers love and want for their homes. It’s hard to find a vintage piece that ticks all the boxes, something that is the right size, the right colour and works perfectly… so we decided to make something that looks like it has been passed down in your family for years and years but that is also totally personal to you. Each table is handmade to order by our wonderful team in our Leicestershire workshops, details can be found below.

Millhouse Table

The Millhouse Refectory Table looking lovely in our Millhouse dining room.

Millhouse Table

Matt black bronze Boho handles from our handcrafted collection of hardware was the perfect choice with this rich Clerkenwell Blue colour.

Handmade Tiles by Floors of Stone

Our sister company, Floors of Stone, make some really beautiful handcrafted tiles that can be shipped overseas. The resident ceramicist, Hannah, was inspired by the beautiful grounds of Cotes Mill and has created a wonderfully unique and lovely collection. Some of the tiles are actually made by printing plant cuttings, cut from our grounds, into the surface of the clay and then glazed. The tiles are rustic and charming and so versatile in how you can use them!


Some of Hannah’s Cotes Mill tiles.

Floors of Stone also sell their Indian Peacock Blue Handmade Tiles… and are currently working on other colours for the collection too!

Now that was a lot of information… But hopefully it has been useful. If you have any questions on any of the things mentioned above, or would like to place an order, please just give our enquiries team a ring on 01509 261000 or drop an email over to – we’ll be happy to help in any way we can.

Tile Samples

The latest ceramic tile range by Hannah.

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